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eWorld Media

eWorld Companies, Inc.

eWorld Companies, Inc., is an eight year old publicly traded company based in Los Angeles. Stock symbol: EWRC.

The company launched with a proprietary video distribution platform called the Boomerang Media Station; a browser app that users can download for free and watch a variety of content. The income model is primarily advertiser based.

THE Xperience, Inc

In 2011 eWorld launched THE Xperience Inc., a producer of luxury and exclusive entertainment industry events. It is at these events where eWorld creates and produces content for our Boomerang app. Since launching, eWorld and THE Xperience have produced more than 400 events at prestigious locations such as: first-class clubs and private mansions, hotels including the W Hollywood, the Ritz Carlton Los Angeles, Palms and the Bellagio in Las Vegas, plus CBS Studios and Hollywood Center Studios.

eWorld's flagship event - the eWorld Music Awards, has featured Grammy winning Tom Trbovich (held at SIR Studios Hollywood), Jason Derulo (held at the Conga Room, Los Angeles), and Nick Cannon (held at Paramount Studios, Hollywood). eWorld supports numerous nonprofit organizations by providing web content, tech services and mass media exposure.

Industry Sector Growth

As the following charts show, both the online content and online advertising industries are set to be on a continued growth pattern through 2015.


eWorld Media
eWorld Media

Unique Value Proposition

eWorld Companies, Inc., is the first and only 100% totally vertically integrated events, entertainment and online content distribution platform. eWorld produces the events, the music and the video content - and owns the online media distribution platform, the Boomerang Media Station. eWorld's advertisers and sponsors are provided an array of services that no one else can. The end goal is to give the audience unique and exclusive content, whilst supporting nonprofit organisations in the process. No other company does this.


Through eWorld's base of more than 100 sponsers, and numerous associated nonprofit organizations, eWorld are producing a three day expo event in early 2015. This 144,000 sq ft expo is expected to attract over 400 exhibitors, multiple sponsors and over 10,000 attendees.

In 2014 eWorld embarked on a massive public company reorganization, and is in the process of implementing a $1 million marketing campaign to accomplish the goal of achieving 1 million Boomerang Media Station downloads by mid 2015. eWorld believes that the income derived will create an extremely profitable company and successful stock performance.

We believe that with the combination of white label Boomerang apps, new content being added weekly, 40 Xperience events over the next six months, our three-day mega event - Ascent Expo in early 2015, eWorld’s strengths, and the power of CBS Media, we can achieve our goal of one million Boomerang downloads and a substantial valuation.

Henning Morales
CEO and co-founder, eWorld Companies, Inc.

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